The History of the University of Buana Jakarta Library (UMB) cannot be separated from its parent institution / institution under the auspices of the Dewantara Entrepreneur Academy which was established on November 10, 1981. The academic campus is located at the Indonesian Labor Foundation Building (YTKI) Jl. Gatot Soebroto Jakarta.

In 1984, Yayasan Menara Bhakti successfully built a campus named the Menara Bhakti Campus, located on Jl. Raya Meruya Selatan, Kembangan, West Jakarta. Based on letter number / 15 / KOP.III / S.VI / 85 signed by Prof. Dr. Boesjra Zahir (deceased), on June 18, 1985, Kopertis Wilayah III approved and granted an "Operational" permit to organize Mercu Buana University. Capitalizing on his ability and experience in conducting Dewantara Entrepreneurship Academy education, the idea arose to establish a university-level educational institution in 1985.

1985 - 2011
Occupying the 2nd and 3rd floors of Building C, the Library of Mercu Buana University has an area of approximately 1284 m2 with a collection of books approximately 17,000 titles. The Library of Mercu Buana University is one of the technical implementing units under the Academic Directorate. As head of the Library UPT at that time was Dra. Winny Kresnowiati MA. In addition, the library of the University of Mercu Buana Menteng was also successfully built as the opening of UMB Menteng. The main purpose of this library is to support teaching and learning activities on the Menteng campus. By occupying an area of approximately 144 m2 in the Tedja Buana No 29 Menteng Central Jakarta Building since 2005, the UMB Menteng Library has managed to have a collection of more than 5,135 titles or 9,395 copies in June 2019 and will continue to grow.

Until the end of 2009, the Mercu Buana University Library occupied the location. From 2009 until now the Library occupies a new building, namely the 5th floor and 6th floor of the UMB Tower Building covering an area of approximately 1200 m2. With the concept of an open library space, the library can enjoy views of the campus from a height and impress the library to become wider. Along with the development of information and communication technology, UMB library slowly began to implement a computer-based library system and began to leave manual systems since 2000. A major change was made by UMB library management to be able to search collections online through from 2005 by building a site UMB Library for the first time.

2011 - 2018
Substitution of the head of the library at the University of Mercu Buana was replaced by Drs. Budiantoro, M.A. replacing the previous leadership starting in 2011 - 2017. At that time the library of Mercu Buana University succeeded in obtaining the title of Accreditation A from the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia in December 2015. In addition, the library of Mercu Buana University also succeeded in building a storage and preservation system of scientific information from UMB academics can be accessed online from anywhere and anytime. We call it the UMB Repository. Following the development of Mercu Buana University by opening a new campus in Bekasi, the Library of Mercu Buana Bekasi University was also successfully built by occupying a room of approximately 400 m2 in 2014.

2018 - Now
The head of the University of Mercu Buana library was continued by M. Arif Budiyanto S.Kom M.Hum from 2018 to the present. "Accredited A" predicate from the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia can be maintained with a re-accreditation process in March 2019. The number of book collections per June 2019 reached 29,178 titles or 73,851 copies which will continue to increase periodically. By capitalizing on librarians as many as 18 librarians who are professionals in their fields, it is expected that the UMB library can fulfill the minimum service of a university library and be in line with other college libraries.

UMB Library and Branch

  1. Meruya (Center) Library, West Jakarta
  2. Menteng Library, Central Jakarta
  3. Library Bekasi, West Java